• “Danielle is a master of many skills. A gifted healer, she combines yoga, Foundation Training, different modalities of massage and physical therapy to provide a complete regimen for healing. I’ve suffered from chronic pain in my surgically repaired low back for almost 20 years. After having tried everything, from PT to acupuncture, to massage, to Rolfing, the Feldenkrais method, and chiropractic, all without lasting success, Danielle finally has me on the path to recovery. She is reasonably priced but most important, she is extremely effective. And, you get a great workout! I’m now stronger, more flexible and in a lot less pain. I whole heartedly recommend Danielle as someone you trust to help you heal from pain and injury.” Ben Kline


  • “I came rather late to the world of fitness.  As I got into my late 50s I started to realize that I better start taking fitness more seriously or suffer the consequences.  I decided to look at it as another way to invest in my retirement, after all, the money I’d saved would be of little consequence if my body quit on me.  Before moving to Monterey, my wife and I worked for several years with another trainer who really did a great job of patiently introducing us to the world of cross training.  So, when we moved to Monterey last year, we were very worried that we wouldn’t be able to find someone with whom we would feel comfortable.   It took us 3 months before we found Danielle.  I am extremely happy to report, some 6 months later, that she is everything we had hoped for.  She comes to each session completely prepared, almost always adding a little something new to the mix.  She is exceedingly patient but totally persistent.  She gently urges us on with her natural warmth and sense of humor.  We like that she adds different disciplines into the mix, including a little yoga, a good amount of stretching along with aerobics and strength training.  She is a delight to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone of any age or fitness level. ” George Bradley


  • Danielle Mallett is the best! I started working out with her when she was at the JCC in Los Gatos. When we started I was really out of shape after recovering from a long illness. We started slowly. Danielle focused a lot on getting my form right at first — correct posture for the exercises and so forth. I was pretty wobbly but it was amazing how fast I got stronger working with Danielle. She is very knowledgeable in everything she does. I’m now in the best shape of my life. She’s also a very nice person! Read her blog at getwellwithdanielle.com” Jenny Green


  • “I started working out with Danielle Mallett at the JCC in Los Gatos last year. Danielle is very kind and positive. She really worked with me to set goals and to achieve them. What I appreciated most about Danielle is that she used her expansive knowledge of Yoga techniques and breathing to help me achieve the right form and to be very mindful of how I was doing each exercise. She was also very caring and worked with me on my confidence. Also, Danielle helped me be stronger by working on my form and by doing TRX exercises. She is a very rare combination of a calm instructor who can focus on mindfulness and physical fitness. I highly recommend Danielle as a personal trainer!” Joanne M.


  • “Danielle is the real deal! She has an advanced, expansive background in multiple wellness modalities, which she combines together into a personalized support program. We’ve been doing functional movement training together, which is something I hadn’t heard of before. Basically it’s a type of training that uses real-life movements and exercises to support the body in injury recovery, joint mobility, balance, and generally better functionality.Every time we train together, Danielle meets me where I’m at that day. We often end our sessions with some light bodywork or cranial sacral. This is a very unique, effective way of working with the whole health of body, mind, and spirit and I love it because it brings the practice full circle and helps my nervous system integrate the physical workout portion. I’ve noticed an overall improvement in my physical AND mental well-being since starting to train with Danielle, and find her to be compassionate, motivating, & highly skilled.” Serephima S.


  • “Danielle has been an integral part of my healing journey since 2011. I have a chronic illness that started over 35 years ago resulting in a whole complex of issues. 2011 was the year things started to come together for me in terms of really healing. Danielle is one of the key people who reduced my pain levels and helped my body get stronger. Another big bonus–a quieter mind and improved sleep quality! You will be hard pressed to find someone who is able to focus and get in tune with what your body needs to heal and get stronger. With years of experience and her innate healer’s sense, she will tailor her session to your needs. I really appreciate that she is always willing to listen to my concerns see the big picture. Sometimes you may not even know what you really needed until Danielle is done with the session and something you weren’t conscious was bothering you in the beginning feels better. I very highly recommend her skills as a massage therapist, cranial sacral therapist, and wonderful healing presence. I have not done functional training or yoga with Danielle (though I have received short instructions and advice), so I cannot speak in depth about that. Knowing her work ethic, personality, and the talks we’ve had, however, I’m sure she’s wonderful in those areas as well. Anyone who is continually working on learning and improving her skills and techniques instead of staying stagnant (as good as she is) has my respect and admiration. For the sake of your health, get in touch with Danielle. She can help you figure out what you can work on together.” Blue Rabbit