Take Me Away With You Ebook!

I did it! It’s done!

I wrote Take Me Away With You, joined a writing group, stuck with it for 6 months of editing, took the financial plunge and hired an editor, contacted Smashwords, and now here is the published Ebook.

You can Pre-Order a copy at Ibooks, Barnes & Nobles, or Kobo!

It’s available to read on June 12th, 2017.

The benefit of the Ebook is that there are direct links to the Playlist that goes with it. Paper back copies will come out in a couple months!

Playlist for Take Me Away With You

Take Me Away With You is done! Add it to your Smashwords library today and read it as of June 12th. A preview of the first chapters will be uploaded in a few days.

Today is a new day!
Today is a good day!

I am beyond excited and grateful for every reader who will get to experience  Take Me Away With You. This book is unique in that it’s formatted in a way that makes it clear when there is a song playing in the story. I hope you enjoy the PLAYLIST and that it enhances each scene.

Next steps:

Paperback books! Coming in late June, early July!

Radio interviews! Coming soon!

A book tour! Why not?

And then publishing Trapped, Book 1 in The Gateway Series.



Can you get hurt doing yoga?

Yes, you can get hurt doing anything:

Walking and texting, driving, walking barefoot, lifting weights, reaching for an object, bending over wrong, kicking a coffee table, even over eating can hurt you.

So avoid the pain that has not yet come by reading this blog and learning about the ways people have been hurt in yoga.

Ways to increase your chances of getting hurt during yoga:

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Functional Movement Series

4 Week Functional Movement Series
Wednesdays @ 6:45pm-7:45pm
April 19th-May 12th
Pacific Grove Studio
     Come join me for this 4 week series offered Wednesday evenings from 6:45pm-7:45pm in Pacific Grove. Discover the increased energy from practicing the joint freeing series, 24 postures created by a Physical Therapist to limber the joints, combined with Foundation Training, a series of postures created by a Dr. Eric Goodman to help you move better in everything you do.
      This functional movement series will train you to hinge at the hip joints, improve your posture, balance better, develop core strength and eliminate pain with joint freedom. I am eager to share her gifts of moving out of chronic pain and into an active lifestyle with you.


$70 for four weeks
Limited to 15 people 
Register On-line Here!

What does it mean to be courageous?

Today, while trying to determine my niche, because apparently any successful person has one of these, I noticed that one of the themes of my blogs falls under what it feels like to Be Courageous.

I’ve had a handful of people tell me I’m brave or say I’m courageous. But  I’ve always shrugged it off because I have close friends who are far more brave and have faced tougher challenges, challenges I can’t even imagine overcoming.

To those people, they also shrug off their own courage, probably because of the stigma attached to the word. The word courage can imply heroism and I by no means think I’m a hero and neither do they. We are ordinary people doing our best to make each day an extraordinary experience.

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Writing is Love in Action

At the beginning of February I was faced with two writing in action options:

  1. Publish Take Me Away With You by March 22nd, my birthday deadline, no matter what!!!!
  2. Or listen to the beautiful writer’s who’ve surrounded me over these last few months who have encouraged me to be patient and give myself a little extra time to take it to the next level of writing.

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